We're all about embracing our inner child while delivering top-notch marketing strategies. Our childcare marketing company is made up of a bunch of fun-loving individuals who know how to balance playtime with productivity.

We believe that the best marketing strategies come from tapping into the creativity and curiosity of our inner child.

That's why we specialize in early childhood-centric marketing, because let's face it, who knows how to connect with the little ones better than the little ones themselves?

So, without further ado, let's introduce you to the team that makes the magic happen! Get ready to meet a group of passionate, playful, and professional individuals who are ready to take your early childhood marketing game to the next level.

Julia Baker Founder DaycareDigital



Julia is an Early Childhood Teacher of more than 20 years, having worked in the sector in both the UK and Australia.

She also holds qualifications in marketing and communication and has written for services and companies that have been read by thousands of people.

She is passionate about early years education and how marketing strategies can support Educators to make their lives easier and spend more time nurturing and educating the children.

Julia feels that through DaycareDigital she is able to advocate for children's rights, Educators and the sector as a whole.

Heidi Cain PRM Consultancy



Heidi is not only an Early Childhood Teacher but is the Lead Consultant at PRM Consultancy and has teamed up with Daycare Digital to offer a range of services.

PRM consultancy is all about working with you and your service through practical, reliable techniques and mentoring to embed improved practices that enhance the level of care for all children.

Together, Daycare Digital and PRM look forward to providing services with holistic assistance that enables and supports you to meet their needs & targets in 2023.

Neil Walshe - Creative Director



I'm a Creative Director with 15 years experience in the advertising industry.

I've made funny ideas, big ideas, and ideas that help the world.

Some of those ideas were even lucky enough to be recognised internationally.

More importantly, my ideas are a hybrid of brand building, customer experience and digital, as I've worked across nearly every discipline.

Long before that, I was in the graphic design game. So I also obsess over the craft. And, now that I have children, craft is a stable weekend activity too.

Vicki Mace SEO Specialist & Content Marketer



Vicki Mace is a local SEO specialist and Content Marketer with experience in a variety of industries, including education and medical. Her passion is using her web background and SEO skills to help businesses become more visible online.

For the last 17 years, Vicki has worked in IT and Marketing roles. She holds a Business Studies Degree (BSc hons), a Certificate IV in Web Design, an Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis, and has studied various SEO and digital marketing courses to keep up with current digital marketing trends.

As the Founder and Digital Consultant at Insight Digital Copy, Vicki offers SEO and Content Marketing services in Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

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